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Sexual health clinic

Our clinics offer a wide range of sexual health testing (STI testing) and fertility treatments. We provide confidential sexual health advice and information about contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STI), fertility and pregnancy choices at all our clinics.We also have a large network of experienced private doctors you can be referred to if there is a need.

Family planning and contraception

Contraceptive methods protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or allow you to choose if you want to be pregnant. Condoms is one way of contraception and help to protect against both pregnancy and STIs.

At our sexual health clinics, our private doctors can discuss the most appropriate contraception method for you. If you need urgent contraception advice, please call 020 7489 1136 or book an appointment online.

Sexual health and fertility treatments

Fertility is the natural ability to reproduce, and varies from person to person depending on a combination of factors like lifestyle, nutrition and biochemistry.

Many couples face difficulties in conceiving despite having regular sexual contact when not using contraception. When you are trying to conceive, you need the support of experienced fertility experts, who will take the time to discuss your situation and make sure that you are getting the right advice.

Our highly experienced consultants can help you to find out exactly why you may be having problems trying to conceive, and offer the best treatments available to help you on your way to becoming parents. We provide a confidential, friendly space where you can receive the highest standard of care to help you to grow your family.

STIs (Sexual transmitted infections)

STIs are infections that are transmitted through sexual contact or unprotected sex. Many of STIs don’t have apparent signs or symptoms in the majority of men and women infected. The only way to discover if you have been infected is to get tested.

Getting tested for STIs

Getting tested will allow you to detect any infections at an early stage and prevent them from progressing into more serious health threat for you or your partner. Check-ups for sexually transmitted infections, treatment and HIV testing is available at all our clinics. You can discuss the most appropriate testing package for you with the doctor during your appointment.

All our consultations are provided in relaxing and entirely discreet environments. Just call 020 7489 1136 or book online to make an appointment.

Our service is provided by both doctors and nurses, offering a mixture of appointment times (Mon-Fri only). You won’t need to say what the appointment is for at the time of booking.

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • Entirely confidential service
  • Family planning services & contraception
  • Fertility treatment advice
  • Female health specialists
  • Relaxing boutique clinics
  • Discrete, private clinics

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