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We’re proud to support JDRF

Type 1 diabetes is horrid. Really horrid. But so what? There are loads of nasty diseases, so why is type 1 special to us? Why do we support JDRF?

Here’s why; more and more people are getting type 1 diabetes every year. It disproportionately affects kids. There’s nothing anyone does or doesn’t do to trigger it (it’s not linked to lifestyle, for example). Those who get it are more likely to get a litany of other problems (heart disease, kidney problems, eyesight problems, stroke, problems with feet, shorter lifespan, the list goes on). It costs a fortune to treat and there’s no cure.

We think there’s a really strong prospect that good science and research will cure or at least prevent the disease. Because type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease, unlocking its’ secrets will probably also unlock other auto-immune diseases, like MS.

Even the smallest step can make a real difference. Good science and research will crack even the biggest health problems.


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