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Private Blood Test in central London

Feeling tired and not sure why? Need a health screening? Blossoms provide over 2,000 different private blood tests to assist in any diagnosis.

What are private blood tests and how are they used?

Blood tests help our doctors identify certain conditions and diseases. They also help check the function of your organs and show how well treatments are working.

More specifically blood tests are used to:

  • Assess your overall health state
  • Evaluate the functionality of certain organs, such as the liver, heart, thyroid and kidneys
  • Diagnose a condition or disease, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • Discover risk factors for heart disease
  • Screen for genetic conditions
  • Check if you have an infection
  • Determine whether medicines you’re taking are working

Private blood tests are one of the most straight forward diagnostic aides and there are thousands of different tests available, which can be used to help diagnose or rule-out specific conditions, infections or diseases.

Blossoms provide a full suite of individual blood tests is available to assist in any diagnosis.

Private blood tests and blood profiles

As well as a myriad of standard tests, specific blood profiles are also available, for example, covering blood chemistry, biochemical markers, blood fats and to assist diagnosing non-specific symptoms such as general fatigue, dietary conditions or organ function.

If you’ve been overseas, you may value the peace of mind available from checking your health when you return home.

Various tests are available to check your health, however, you should always discuss your health in person with a clinician before agreeing the best steps to manage your health.

If you are looking to have an overall health check you can explore our range of health assessments here.


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