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Platinum health assessment

The Blossoms Platinum is the most detailed assessment available, using only evidence based assessment techniques. It is intended to certify you as free from some of the most prevalent and serious health risks.

Designed for those who care about their health as they mature, the medical will provide you with ample time to understand how best to maintain your lifestyle in the years ahead.

Building upon a 1 hour consultation with a Blossoms’ senior doctor, an extended range of core body measurements and full set of blood tests, the assessment also includes highly specific diagnostic tests, such as a CT Angiogram and visual colonoscopy.

The tests use the latest imaging equipment and world-renowned consultant specialists to glean the best possible images inside your body, with the lowest possible risk. For example, the Toshiba Aquilion ONE 640 slice CT scanner, used for part of the medical, has the highest image definition and lowest radiation dosage of any CT scanner in the world.

The Platinum medical can effectively nullify the risk of cardiac disease, as well as certify you as free from pre-cancerous polyps, the main cause of bowel cancer. With the addition of gender-specific tests, such as enhanced prostate screening, ovarian screening and breast cancer screening, the unique combination of tests is the most effective way of protecting your health and your lifestyle for the coming years.

Your personal concierge will take care of any scheduling support you may need and will act as your liaison throughout the assessment process. Please note, the assessment does require attendance at specialist diagnostic centres, although your concierge will be pleased to take care of all the necessary arrangements.

Platinum content

  • Our most comprehensive medical
  • Evidence based personal assessment
  • Nullify cardiac and bowel cancer risks
  • Extended consultation with a senior doctor
  • Personal concierge to assist scheduling

The tests included within the assessment are specific enough that, unless a problem is found that requires some follow-up, there would be very little benefit gained from repeating the tests again in the next five years. Therefore, we believe the Platinum assessment delivers the best possible balance of investment, risk management and primary prevention.

Please contact our Private Patient Consultant, Kirsty Cross, on 020 7332 6237 for any further information, assistance or support.

If you’re thinking of having a health assessment, we think you should read our advice and guidance page too.


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