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Dr. Tuya Chuluuntulga MB ChB MSc PhD MRCGP

Dr. Tuya is a highly experienced GP with specialist expertise in diabetes, nutrition and weight management. She uses her considerable knowledge of General Practice to review and examine patients to establish any underlying medical disorders and prescribe the most appropriate treatments, or refer for further specialist opinion.

She has extensive research and clinical experience in safe, evidence-based, customised, lifestyle/behavioural change for patients with complex medical conditions. She has academic credentials as an expert in this field with an MSc and PhD at the University of Aberdeen in Nutrition and Human Metabolism.

Dr. Tuya has also been awarded recognition for her work in the Nutrition out-patient clinic in Woolmanhill Hospital developing a specialist Healthy Weight programme for adolescents. She was awarded a Primary Care Research Award by CSO.

In addition, she has specialist qualifications and skills in minor surgery, joint injections and acupuncture.

Dr. Tuya cares deeply about patients and is dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care and comprehensive continuity of care.

Dr. Chuluuntulga

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