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Our dispensing pharmacy

Our dispensing pharmacy service is available for patients, providing the ultimate in convenience – so if you do need a prescription, you won’t have to go and queue in a chemists and wait for your pills, potions or lotions to be dispensed. Our team can deliver to any of our clinics and your home or work address too.

Based at our Garlick Hill (City of London) clinic, the pharmacy provides a full dispensing service for both prescription and over-the-counter items (with the exception of controlled drugs, like Opiates or Barbiturates).

Run by our amazing Superintendent Pharmacist, Vanesa Ojea Puente and our Pharmacy Operations Manager, Alex Harvey (pictured), the service is available from 08.30 to 17.30hrs, Monday to Friday. The service supports all our London clinics, so you can collect your prescription at a time to suit at any of our clinics. Alternatively, a delivery service direct to your home or office is also available. We manage our own deliveries too, so you can always be assured of a dependable, flexible and discreet service.

Unlike many online or remote prescribing services, you are able to take our private prescriptions to any dispensing pharmacy. If you obtain a prescription online or using a remote service, you will only be able to collect your medication from a single specified source, which often results in significantly higher fees.

All our prescribed drugs are competitively priced and directly comparable with national chains of High Street chemists. Please note, our pharmacy service is unable to accept cash as a method of payment and a minimum dispensing fee of £9 applies (Boots is currently £8.40).

  • Based at our City of London clinic
  • Delivery to your home or office available
  • Confidential and discreet service

Our pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (no. 1119808). Click here for confirmation.


  • Ultimate in convenience
  • Immediate dispensing of your items
  • Collection or delivery to your home or office
  • Competitively priced
  • Sorry, controlled drugs (e.g. opiates) are not available

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